East Dallas Real Estate Market Snapshot

The numbers shown below are for the month of March. According to the data provided to the MLS, the trend of low inventory and rising prices continues in East Dallas (MLS Area 12). Compared to numbers for the month of March in 2013 and 2014, here is the breakdown, compliments of Allegiance Title in Lakewood: The law of supply and demand is alive and well in the East Dallas real estate market. The only exception to the overall robust report is the average days on market (DOM) category. There is a fairly simple explanation for what appears to be a misfit number among the rest. While inventory generally remains low and property values continue to climb, there is always that “one” house, or a handful of “those” houses that are either significantly overpriced or somehow lacking to a degree that they linger on the market long enough to affect the

Elle Realty hosts the Lakewood Women In Business Networking Event

Last Thursday, September 25th, the agents here at Elle hosted the LWIB Networking Event, and we have to say, this place was packed with some of the most awesome women in Dallas! We met dozens of hardworking, talented and driven women representing a variety of professions: doctors, attorneys, massage therapists, dance artists, clothing designers, financial planners, bankers, vacation specialists, Realtors (of course), and the list goes on! The evening was a truly joyous and empowering one for those of us who attended. We learned of several charities in the area, gathered information on many other upcoming events, and basically shared our time and energy with each other in a positive and supportive atmosphere. To all of you who were there, THANK YOU again for taking time from your busy schedules to attend. To all of you who participated by donating spectacular door prizes and assisting with the event in a

The Moving Adventure: Moving to (and within) Dallas

The Moving Adventure: Moving to (and within) Dallas By Charlotte Johnson It stands to reason that many of you reading this blog here on Elle Realty’s website are considering a move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, believe me, I know how you feel. I understand the panic, and the excitement, of packing everything up and making a fresh start. Just a little over a year ago, my boyfriend Alan and I were living in a little college town in Oregon, in a furnished apartment above a garage about a block away from the campus where we attended classes. I didn’t assume we would be living there forever, but neither did I expect the move we ended up making. We found out that we would be moving to Texas for Alan’s career shortly after graduation– exactly two weeks before we needed to be there. We had two

How Walkable is Dallas?

  How Walkable is Dallas? By Charlotte Johnson Dallas is not known for its “walkability”. When they think of Dallas, most people think of our highways, our concrete, our cars. It’s not specific to Dallas of course; Texas is the driving state, the state of the SUV. Everything’s bigger here, including our highways (before moving to Texas, I had never seen a highway with more than four lanes). The rest of the country assumes that the majority of us are happy to drive everywhere, uninterested in alternative transit. Of course that’s not true for every Texan, and certainly not for every Dallasite. Many of us would love the chance to walk to a grocery store, walk to the park, even walk to work. The sad truth is that for many of us, in many neighborhoods, that’s simply not possible. The Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex is the biggest landlocked region in the

Kayaking on White Rock Lake/ Creek

A few months after my first visit to White Rock Lake, in early spring when the sun was starting to warm the waves once more, I knew I was ready to try getting out on the water. I’ve always been a water person, but I’ve never been the sort of person who owns a boat. Living in an apartment building in Uptown Dallas, there isn’t a lot of storage for much more than an inflatable raft, and I didn’t even have one of those. So on a particularly sunny Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to rent a tandem kayak from the White Rock Paddle Co. and try our luck on the lake. The White Rock Paddle Co. operates out of a tiny trailer on wheels, parked down at the edge of the water on the northeast side of the lake, easily accessible off of Mockingbird Lane as you’re driving

The Katy Trail in Dallas

The Katy Trail By Charlotte Johnson My parents recently visited me for the first time in Dallas. My father, who had been here only briefly in the past on business, did not have a very favorable view of Dallas at all, remembering mostly the many highways and traffic jams to which our car-loving metroplex is prone. In fact, he was fairly convinced that Dallas was a concrete jungle without any good foot paths or natural places to stroll. As you may know by now, I am still freshly head-over-heels in love with Dallas, and I was determined to show them both what a beautiful city this really is. We started with Uptown, my home sweet home. We rode the trolley, went to Klyde Warren Park, visited the museums. I could tell that I was starting to convince them. Already they were seeing how walkable certain areas of Dallas really are.

White Rock HomeTour Wows Again!

White Rock Home Tour Wows Again! By Charlotte Johnson Dallas recently celebrated mid-century modern architecture in the White Rock area for the ninth year in a row at the White Rock Home Tour, and for the seventh year in a row Elle Realty sponsored a home in the tour. I was given the opportunity to attend and see for myself what the White Rock area has to offer when it comes to architecture. I should make it clear; I live in an apartment in Uptown. Up until I began working with Elle Realty, I had very little experience with the homes that surround White Rock Lake. So I was extremely excited to get a taste of the architecture being showcased on the tour, to see how people who are designing (and re-designing) homes are doing it these days, especially homes in such a lush, beautiful area of East Dallas. And

A Trolley Ride in Uptown Dallas

A Trolley Ride in Uptown Dallas by Charlotte Johnson It’s a gorgeous Tuesday morning. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue. There’s a light breeze, and you can tell it’s going to be warm later. This is the morning that I decide to take a trolley ride. I live in Uptown, and in Uptown there’s a trolley that runs along McKinney Avenue, connecting the West Village with Downtown Dallas and stopping at a myriad of places in between. I like to hop on the trolley at the corner of McKinney and Allen, right outside Big Al’s McKinney Avenue Tavern. I catch it when it’s heading north and take it all the way around its loop, past Bread Winners Café and Albertson’s Grocery, past the Magnolia Theater and Max’s Wine Dive. There’s a quick turnaround at the Cityplace/Uptown station, where people who actually have somewhere to be get off the

A Day at Klyde Warren Park: A Dallas Gem

Klyde Warren Park: A Dallas Gem By Charlotte Johnson As I understand it, Klyde Warren Park is fairly new to Dallas. As I am new to Dallas, too, I didn’t know this until quite recently. I assumed the park had been there for years, a lovely little patch of calm on the Woodall Rodgers Freeway, bridging the gap between Uptown and Downtown. In fact, the park opened officially in October of 2012, not even two full years ago. Since then it has been a haven for Dallasites, five acres of grass amid the concrete. Unlike other parks in Dallas, this one is privately operated by the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.  It is impeccably maintained. The grass is always very green and very well-trimmed, the gravel is raked, and I defy you to find any trash outside its proper receptacle. It also means that it has very specific hours: the park

A Newcomer’s Perspective on White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake: A Newcomer’s Perspective By Charlotte Johnson I’m new to Dallas. Well, relatively new. I moved here in July (can it possibly have been six months?) to the Uptown area, and to be honest it’s been a bit of a shock. I’m from a little town in Oregon, and to go from the small town life to a city as big and bustling as Dallas has been interesting to say the least. I have loved getting to know Uptown. Riding the trolley up and down McKinney Avenue, trying a new restaurant every weekend, walking from Paciugo Gelato to the Magnolia movie theater…it’s been a whirlwind! But it didn’t take long before I was missing the peaceful quality that came with living in a small town; the nature walks I used to take along the river, the many trees that were everywhere I went. Then I discovered White Rock